Best Features of Insocity Application

Real-Time Order Delivery

Order medicines online in Lahore and track using maps. Users can also see estimated time interval, purchased medicines, & on the way statuses.

Write, Take Pic & Record Orders

Online ordering of medicines became easy with insocity. Users can record orders in any language, write order, & take a pic and send to the delivery agent.

Faster Home Delivery Experience

Our delivery agents remain active in 24 hours. Order medicines from the best pharmacies in Lahore in less than 15 minutes.

Cash on delivery

We provide cash on delivery services. Place your order online using insocity and deliver it in 15 minutes..

What’s new in Insocity Medicine Delivery Application?

Explore Best Pharmacies in Lahore & Order Medicine Online

Are you feeling ill? It is cooling outside and doesn’t want to go outside? No one is in the house, you need medicines? Insocity application is a place you must go to. Insocity is the best app for online medicine delivery, delivers medicines with real-time services.

We are committed to providing reliable, safe, quality medicine products to our customers. Download the application from Google Play Store and become a member of insocity.

If you are searching for the application that fulfils your medicine delivery services in Lahore like, if you need medicines from the best pharmacies, insocity is here to help you.

    Users can track medicine order on the map and see

  • Delivery Agent Current Location.
  • Estimated Time Interval.
  • Order Status like purchased medicines, on the way etc.
  • Call or message to the delivery agent anytime.
Available on the
Google Store
Available on the
iOS App Store

3 Easiest Way of Ordering Medicines

Insocity has some unique features as compared to other medicine delivery apps. Users can place orders by easiest user-friendly ways::

  1. Voice Order
  2. Just record your order in your own voice in any language and proceed it.

  3. Send Picture
  4. Make a list of your required medicines or take a picture of Doctor’s prescription and send it.

  5. Type Your Order
  6. Just type the customer required order and send to the delivery agent. After purchases, delivery agents deliver medicines within minutes.


Explore Best Pharmacies & Order Medicine Online In Lahore

Insocity is a home-based online medicine delivery app in Lahore where users can buy medicines online from the best pharmacies. We help pharmacy owners to showcase their medicines, small shops & popular pharmacies in Lahore.

Insocity helps to buy medicines online at the best rates just in your single click. Our delivery agents deliver medicines at your doorstep. Order every medicine anywhere in Lahore with registered pharmacies.


Insocity Brings an Opportunity to Order Medicine in Lahore

Order every kind of medicines from the best pharmacies in Lahore like Clinix pharmacy, Servaid pharmacy, Orange Pharmacy, Fazal Din Pharmacy. We deliver every kind of medicine that customers want.

Every medicine order, you will receive will fully be packed with the best types of packets. We also use special type of eutectic boxes for specific medicines.